Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

I hope during this time you have a chance to sit down with old friends and loved ones and relax into the milieu of fire-places, soft blankets, and cold winter nights. I’m writing to you from the mountains in Vermont and I am amazed at how bright the stars shine here, and how the reflection of moonlight from the snow seems to illuminate the forest  with a mystical glow.

In Chinese medicine these dark winter nights are the time of introversion. Like the sap moving deep into the center of the trees to be preserved for spring, we take our energy into the center of our bodies, and our spirit into the depths of our souls. It is at this time we contemplate questions which cannot be answered quickly, and we allow answers to slowly percolate up into our consciousness.

This is a season filled with many different “festivals of light”. They are all built on the promise of nature. The promise that in the darkest depths of winter the life of spring is being born. And amongst our many traditions there is faith in the return of life during the midnight of our year.

It is this promise and the delivery of spring every year that teaches me that in the darkest depths of difficulty, or fear, or pain there is always the seed of recovery and change, hope and new life.

Have a lovely and wonderful new year.
Sincerely,Thomas Droge