Assisted Reproductive Therapy the: “Tian Gui” Method

“Tian Gui” (Celestial Water ) is the name Chinese medicine gives to the menstrual cycle. What makes this title so remarkable is that it reflects the concept that the miracle of life is a spiritual as well as physiological occurrence. We have chosen the name Tian Gui to represent our method of treatment, because of its eloquent and revealing meaning and because a healthy menstrual cycle is the keystone of fertility treatment in Chinese Medicine.

Our medicine is integrated
We work with the latest research and believe in the value of traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the advanced technological methods of traditional biological (Western) medicine. We find our work dovetails well with Physicians and that the diagnostic testing they provide helps us to have a clearer picture of what is happening in your body. We will create a tailor made treatment plan for you that works with the findings from your Reproductive Endocrinologist, and other fertility doctors. Our goal is to maximize the effects of Allopathic treatment or treat you with just traditional Chinese medicine if you are not using a biological assisted reproductive method. Either way we use acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to maximize your reproductive health and wellness.

Balance is everything
In classic Chinese Medical fertility treatment the restoration of a regular, healthy menstrual cycle is important for reproductive health. This point is obvious from a physiological standpoint, but it also speaks to the Idea of balance internally and externally. We believe that the celestial water (menses) is a powerful indicator of a woman’s overall health. The amount of stress you are under, congenital history, hormone levels and reproductive function, dietary issues, and many other lifestyle factors will often effect the menstrual cycle.

We also use an entire diagnostic system of our own to assess your overall and specific reproductive “constitution”. We have often found that women who have a particular condition will also have a corresponding Chinese medical diagnosis “pattern”. These “patterns” give form and direction to our treatment plan and often bring the body and mind into a place of harmony where the patient is able to conceive.

Our method is a holistic and complete approach to reproduction. We function independently and with reproductive endocrinologists and gynecologists to give you the best chance of conceiving. We work with couples who are trying to conceive and are having difficulty, but have no clear diagnosis, as well as couples doing insemination, IVF, Clomid, Metformin or other drug therapies. No matter what your reproductive problem we can assess and tell you if we would be able to help you.
Babies don’t like stress
Studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that the reduction of stress is a key factor in normalizing hormone levels in the body. The kidney, thyroid, pituitary gland and ovaries are all influenced by stress and play a very large role in the process of becoming pregnant.

Studies have also shown that women who receive acupuncture will have up to a 35% greater chance of egg implantation after transfer than those who do not receive acupuncture.