Qi Gong in Brooklyn Bridge Park

On Sunday Sept 8th a whole lot of beautiful spirits got together and did some sincere and amazing Qi Gong practice together in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Thomas teaches Qi Gong at Brooklyn Bridge ParkIt was an incredible experience to be asked to come and share these teachings with everyone. It also made me realize all the more how interdependent and interconnected we all are. Seeing hundreds of people stretching their hands to heaven and rooting their feet to the earth outside under the afternoon sun with the Hudson River as our backdrop; it made me consider the many amazing people who made this event possible.

I want to take this space to acknowledge those people and make you aware of their incredible work in the world.

First the Teachers: Master Zhong Xian Wu brought many of the Qi Gong and Tai Qi teachings to me, and his disciple and my teacher and Kung Fu brother Jay Bartholemew and his wife Jenn have shared so much with me as well. Eric Schneider and Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing were the first in the world of Tai Qi to really show me the value of mindfulness based movement. Sifu Kenny Gong, Frank Butler ,  James Montalbano brought a deep understanding of Xing Yi, Bone Setting and Chinese medicine as well as being the first to teach me the value of holding a posture for and hour and of course Charles Colten who’s endless support helped me to continue to strive when I might have faltered and of course Schuyler Grant and everyone at Kula yoga, who gave me a home to deepen my practice.

Thomas Droge teaches Qi Gong in Brooklyn Bridge ParkBig Thanks to Kevin Courtney who awoke me to Yoga again and who also told the Flavorpill peeps; Sascha, Sydney, and Danielle to give me a call. DJ Natasha Blank set the tone and kept the groove going throughout the event adding a deep level of harmony to the energy in the space.

Special thanks to Deb Ruffalo and Annie Piper for working with the crowd bringing everyone into the One Qi. Deb is a highly skilled acupuncturist and extraordinary healer who brings all of her heart into every moment with her patients. Annie is an amazing yoga teacher who makes yoga into a spiritual poem while you practice.

But most of all a great big thank you to ALL of the amazing human beings who came out and stood amongst strangers shaking and holding energy and feeling wind, sun, river and city swirling all around us.

Looking forward to the next couple of events, announcements coming in the next day couple days.