Fertility and Acupuncture

Fertility and acupuncture have been familiar bedfellows for a very long time.  Since the Chinese medicine classic the Huang Di Nei Jing was written (around 300BC), Chinese medicine doctors have been supporting correct flow of Qi and blood with acupuncture to harmonize the body, regulate menses and help women become mothers.

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While fertility medicine has made great strides over these last 4000 years, a healthy and regular cycle remains at the root of a healthy pregnancy.  Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, herbs, moxabustion and Chinese massage to improve blood flow and energy to the uterus and ovaries. Once blood and Qi flow is restored, a woman’s body can then regulate her hormones and endocrine system making it possible for her to conceive. Each woman is different and these separate modalities work together in many combinations to address the needs of each individual patient.

It is important to know that Chinese medicine is an excellent adjunct to Western medical procedures and in no way inhibits or precludes fertility treatments. In fact, a 2006 study  found that when acupuncture was added to traditional in vitro fertilization therapies, there was a significant improvement in the pregnancy rates for infertile women.  In the randomized study, women receiving acupuncture the same day as their IVF had a 39% success rate versus a 26% success rate in the control group.

The journey to motherhood and the process of creating new life is far from an exact science, but we have learned that minimizing stress and facilitating our bodies’ own ability to balance hormones is incredibly important. We must prepare our mind and spirit for the amazing transformation ahead.

The calming and healing practices of  Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine are an invaluable support to have with you through this process.

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