As a yoga student, yoga teacher and director of a yoga studio I am always in need of a brilliant diagnostician, acupuncturist and healer – for myself and the thousands of students in my community. For me, that person in NYC is Thomas Droge. Wrist, lower back, hamstring injuries (yes, I’m afraid yogis beat themselves up!) – even my late pregnancy – have all come under his skilled hands, and I’m glad to say that I’m still standing – on my hands – 2 babies later. –S.G.

After my neck surgery I couldn’t find relief from even the strongest pain killers that my doctors prescribed. Acupuncture provided me with the relief I needed without the unpleasant side effects and risks involved with traditional medicine. Everyone was so kind and considerate. It was wonderful to be treated as a person and not a set of symptoms. Thank you all at the Droge clinic. –R.C

You fixed my back 18 months ago, and I have not had a problem since. I assure you, you get them verbally all the time, I tend to push you into sainthood territory when referring to your practice. –M.E.

Thank you for being so available and attentive. You really took the time to listen to me. And I really didn’t think that my rotator cuff injury could be treated so fast and so efficiently. You saved my day! I now know that I have a place to go when I get injured. –D.B.

While training for my first marathon I was plagued with all sorts of pain, from ordinary sore muscles to persistent knee and foot injuries. I began regular sessions at the Droge Clinic and as a result, ran a pain-free race in the end. In addition to an expert level of skill, Droge also provides excellent advice and has a great ability to make being stuck by needles feel completely comfortable and safe. –E.Z.

I’m not sure whether it’s the needles or Deb and Daryl’s warm smiles, but I always look forward to my visits to the Droge Clinic. Thomas heals not just the body but the spirit. –A.A.

When I sprained the top of my foot, Thomas Droge manipulated the bones and then gave me acupuncture to heal the sprain. After a few sessions, not only was the sprain better, but I learned that I had been holding a great deal of tension in my feet which he helped me to release. I also love that when I get otherwise uncontrollable headaches associated with menopause, one treatment relieves my symptoms for well over a year. –S.R.

After nearly 3 years trying to conceive using everything western medicine had to offer, including IVF, I decided to give my body a break from all that and try acupuncture. After five months of acupuncture I conceived naturally, had a very easy pregnancy, and now I have a beautiful, healthy daughter! –M.S.

I was a patient of the Droge clinic this past January and they helped me beyond my wildest expectations. I was in pain from an ear infection, but didn’t want to go on a round of antibiotics. I called the clinic; spoke with Daryl, who was able to fit me in at the last minute. Droge was able to cure my ear infection in a single visit, and was kind enough to provide me with a supply of Chinese herbal tablets for post-healing. Fortunately, I have not needed to contact them again (though I know I should see them on a regular basis for consistent health / balance) but I would not hesitate to contact them again, or refer them to another person. –S.J.B.