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Fertility and Acupuncture

Fertility and acupuncture have been familiar bedfellows for a very long time.  Since the Chinese medicine classic the Huang Di Nei Jing was written (around 300BC), Chinese medicine doctors have been supporting correct flow of Qi and blood with acupuncture to harmonize the body, regulate menses and help women become mothers. While fertility medicine has made […]

About: Droge Clinic

  We founded Droge Clinic on the premise that we could not only treat patients with medicine, but that we could also teach patients the skills they need to live healthy, well lives. We operate under the principle of partnership, facilitating the changes our patients are moving toward while aiding them in overcoming obstacles along […]

Anger, Rain Water, and Leafy Greens…Welcome to Spring

Welcome to spring. According to the Chinese calendar we have been in the beginning of spring since February 4th. On February 19th we entered into the second phase of spring called “Yu Shui” which means “Rain Water” and signifies there will be a greater chance of rain than snow falling. These phases of the calendar […]

Fertility: The Menstrual Cycle

Let’s take a closer look at fertility, through exploration into a woman’s cycle and interventions in Chinese medicine that can aid in conception. This will be our foundation for which we will explore the rich complexities of a women’s reproductive physiology. The Menstrual Cycle: A Period Primer  “Women are blood.” – A Chinese Medicine Statement […]