Maya Krishnasastry

Maya Krishnasastry, massage therapy

I truly believe that informed touch can be healing, therapeutic, and a necessary part of human wellness. My intention during massage is to be present with my clients, to allow for the integration of mind, body and spirit that therapeutic touch can bring. To me, massage is all about the use of pressure, breath, movement of blood and flow of energy. During a session all these elements work together to create change in the body.

A massage session is a good opportunity to focus inward and bring your awareness back to the current state of your mind and body. Regular massage can be informative, helping you notice patterns of increased or decreased muscle tone, where you hold tension and emotion, and how your daily habits of movement affect your posture and overall structure. Whether your goals are to recover from an injury, correct postural imbalances, manage pain or just de-stress, massage is a great way to initiate and support your body’s own healing process.

I chose to practice massage therapy because it is allows me to utilize my experience as a
professional dancer. After many years of cultivating an awareness of my own body and being
trained to analyze physicality and movement, I knew that with massage therapy I could use my kinesthetic knowledge to help people in pain. In my work I also draw on my knowledge of
Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial and shiatsu techniques to meet each client’s individual needs.

Over the years I have realized that what I enjoy most about massage is simply being present for someone, bearing witness to their process and being a source of comfort and support if needed. Each individual’s life experiences somehow manifest in his/her body, and each person’s path towards relieving their pain is different. Receiving therapeutic touch allows one to access the part of them that needs healing. In my massage practice I continuously explore how to help my clients work through their pain and move forward on their path towards health.

I have been a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. My first degree was a
BFA in dance from Marymount Manhattan College in 2003, followed by an AOS in massage
therapy from the Swedish Institute in 2005. After graduating I continued my study of shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute and with Marianne Fuenmayor of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In 2008 I received my certification in prenatal and postpartum massage from the Swedish Institute in association with Niara Healing Arts, and have continued to study pregnancy massage with Susanrachel Condon and Carole Osborne-Sheets. I have also studied infant massage and labor support with Susanrachel Condon, and am currently working towards becoming a certified doula.