Clinic Founder Thomas Droge on Living Well Radio
 WXLV in Shnecksville, PA

Living Well Radio Show March, 14, 2011
Topic: Relationships, with Dr. Eric Schneider
You can see Dr. Eric at: http://www.drericsrxforlife.com/public/main.cfm

Living Well Radio Show March, 7, 2011
Topic: Sugar and what it does to our bodies, with Dr. David Gurley
You can find Dr. Gurley at: http://www.wholelifemedicine.com/about.html

Living Well Radio Show March, 21, 2011
Topic: Stress Disease with Dr. Andrew Neville ND
You can find Dr. Neville at: http://www.healing.org/

Living Well Radio Show March, 28, 2011
Topic: Qi Healing, Qi gong and personal practice, with Jay and Jen Bartholomew.
You can find Jay and Jen at: http://www.thegentlespirit.com

Living Well Radio Show April, 04, 2011
Topic: Looking at Creativity in life with Brenda Kahn and Kevin Nord.
You can find Brenda Kahn at: http://www.brendakahn.com
You can find Kevin Nord at: Kevinjnord.com

Living Well Radio Show April, 11, 2011
Topic: Transformation, Joy and Bliss , with Vanessa Scotto MS., L.Ac.
You can find Vanessa at: www.vanessascotto.com

Living Well Radio Show May, 02, 2011
Topic: Love Games with Thomas M. Jones
You can see Thomas M. Jones at: http://paradoxprocess.org/

Living Well Radio Show April, 25, 2011
Topic: Yoga Movement and Meditation, with Kevin Courtney and The Blue Goddess
You can see Kevin at: www.yogahappens.com

Living Well Radio Show July, 18, 2011
Topic: James Montalbano talks with us about Xing Yi Chuan and his teacher Kenny Gong