The Pen ts'ao, 1249 C.E. Printed with woodbloc...

The Pen ts’ao, 1249 C.E. Printed with woodblock, this illustrated book discusses Chinese herbal medicine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Droge Clinic we use the highest quality herbal and natural medicines to treat our patients.

Herbal medicine when used correctly is an excellent tool to help the body’s natural ability to heal and find balance. Plants contain natural chemicals (like alkaloids and others), that our bodies are designed to interact with. In fact many of our common pharmaceuticals were originally discovered by seeing how traditional medical systems used a certain plant to treat a disease.  This chinese herbal medicine field guide.   materia medica chinese herbs.

Isn’t it better to use the isolated active ingredient in a drug instead of an herb? In some case yes, but in other circumstances no. This is because often times there are many synergistic ingredients in the plant we haven’t identified that will also help our bodies to utilize the herb most effectively.

Herbs are natural but they can also be very powerful and it is very important that you understand their effects if you are going to use them. At Droge Clinic we use all the latest scientific information combined with classical usage of herbs and supplements to create the safest and most effective outcome for our patients.


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