Qi Gong, Tai Chi

The practices of Tai Qi (pronounced Tie-Chee) and Qi Gong  are some  of the oldest forms of movement medicine on the planet.  These systems of mind body practice are based on a deep understand of human body mechanics, the elemental forces of nature and the ancient  secret  truths about manifesting a long and healthy life, also known as “The Longevity Secrets” .

 IMG_1218Although Tai Qi was originally a martial art, it was also designed to engender the healthiest, calmest, most spontaneous and flexible way of being.

“Isn’t that the slow motion stuff I see  people doing in the park?”  The answer is yes, The tradition of moving slowly in Tai Qi is based on the simple principle that by slowing down, we increase our awareness of every moment. Try buttering your toast very slowly and you will immediately notice how often your mind wanders.

Its about Balance: The misconception is that there is one way to do it, or that once you discover “balanced” you are done.  What we learn from Tai Qi and Qi Gong is that balance is a dynamic state of transformation, that we must experience, adapt and respond to, and experience again and again. This is the practice of finding the infinite in the moment.

When we are balanced we recover quickly from stressors, and get back to our normal heart rate, blood pressure, adrenalin levels, muscle relaxation and of course, clear perception. The world will provide the stressors, it is up to us to choose our response. Tai Chi and Qi Gong help us to “slow time down” and find space in tense moments of conflict or stress. We can then use that extra moment of space to find another direction or response that allows a beneficial outcome. Most mistakes occur when we are rushed.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong allow us to explore our awareness in smaller and smaller increments of space/time, until eventually, we realize we have plenty of time in a tense moment to make the most effective and healthy choices.

The regular practice of Tai Qi and Qi gong gives you the ability to change quickly and maintain your physical and mental flexibility. There are many studiesthat have been done that illustrate the health benefits of Tai Qi and Qi Gong, for example:  Harvard Health published this very informative article about the benefits of Tai Qi. What we have known for many hundreds of years is that Tai Qi increases balance, strength, flexibility, and Clarity when made into a regular practice. Many studies have shown that physically crossing the center line of your body in movement increases traffic across the hemispheres of the brain.


Qi Gong and Tai Qi can be practiced by anyone at any age and any level of physical conditioning. As you continue your practice, your skill and strength continue to grow, your mind and consciousness expand and your body grows quiet, flexible and toned.

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